Vintersol reopens soon

Vintersol reopens in June 2021

We have good news: Clinica Vintersol is reopening soon!

It has been a long wait, for over a year, without knowing what the future would hold for Vintersol and its employees. Despite the uncertainty and difficult economic situation, we have decided to go ahead and give Vintersol a chance. We believe in this company, that has been helping people with illnesses or injuries for so many years. This help is needed more than ever, after a period of inactivity for many, and also undoubtedly necessary for the rehabilitation of people who have suffered sequelae after COVID19 virus. We have decided to redesign our services a bit to be able to cater for this reopening and meet the demand that exists today.

The opening will be staggered. We will start on June 1, 2021 with only physiotherapy polyclinic services, and in July we hope to open one of our heated pools. The accommodation, dining room and other services will open not earlier than September-October 2021.

This present month we will be cleaning, preparing and planning therapy. Do contact us to book, as we will start with very limited sessions (contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as our regular staff have not yet joined and it will be difficult to answer the phone).

We hope to welcome our regular patients soon, and to welcome anyone who wants to try any of our services. We will do everything in our hands to ensure the professionalism and human warmth that we are know for.


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